Facebook Group Rules

I like to believe that all people are inherently good... but if you've spent five minutes on social media you know that's not quite the case. 

So, in order to be the safe, inclusive, supportive group it's intended to be, Real Health for Real Life needs to have a few rules. 

As my kids have heard me say a time or two- these are not negotiable. Meaning... these rules aren't up for debate.


Sorry if you're having a bad day.  We all have them, but words still hurt, be kind.


Oh, you meant it as a joke? Sarcasm and jokes are easily misinterpreted in writing... be sincere or just listen.


There is no prize for being "healthiest in the world." This is one place where everyone deserves a trophy for making an effort- whether it's your first baby step or you've been line drying your clothes and growing all of your own food for ages- be supportive. Real Health for Real Life was created to provide not only support, but as a resource for accurate nutrition and wellness information so that you can make educated decisions that are best for you and your family's lifestyle. 

That said, here are the official Real Health for Real Life Facebook Group Rules. By choosing to be a member of this group, you agree to the following terms and conditions. Please delete yourself from our safe space group if you do not agree with 

1. No outside marketing. That's great if you, your neighbor, or your sister-in-law's old boss's best friend sells the greatest supplement, however, marketing or selling health/wellness/supplement/nutrition products/services/courses/training is not allowed.

2.  No linking your own or another nutritionist's website/blog/YouTube channel/social media pages. There is too much mis-information and non-certified nutritional "expert" advice- my focus is to ensure that you have nutritional facts, not hype. 


3. Be kind... and all of the general mom rules: if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. None of us are perfect. We're all trying to do the best we can in this crazy thing called life. Treat others with compassion. We're here to encourage, support, and motivate. 


4. Mum's the word.