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Adolescents require unique attention to maintain hydration, to ensure proper fueling pre/post workout, and to meet nutritional needs during games and tournaments for optimal performance. 

Each sport's physical demands are unique in energy exertion and recovery.  In addition to training and conditioning, nutrition is an essential element for athletes. Maintaining hydration, proper fueling pre/post workout, and meeting nutritional needs during tournaments/competition is necessary for best performance.


Discover how a certified sports nutritionist can bring your game to a new level.


Individual / Team nutrition training may include:

*initial consultation

*customized macronutrient ranges  

*convenient video training

*macronutrient education

*meal timing

*daily meal guides & recipes

*tournament (home & away) meal guides

*nutrient dense snack list

*check-in assessments

intro to wellness seminar: reading labels, organic vs. conventional 

*pantry/fridge analysis (opt.)

What the Athletes Are Saying

Allie K.

"I immediately noticed a difference in my performance and endurance after implementing Stefanie's nutritional tips. She helped me time my snacks/hydration during games to reduce my muscle fatigue."

John C. 

"The professional sports nutrition plan provided by Stefanie to our Kick-boxer Jon Crocello (who just competed at the world class level in Glory Kickboxing) played a key role in in enhancing our training regimen & keeping our output & recovery at its peak."

Jake R. 

"Learning when to best time meals pre/post workouts helped me maintain my energy and minimize muscle fatigue and soreness during our intense season."